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Re: Crowd funding campaign to package browserify in debian

2016-10-12 19:39 GMT+02:00 Pirate Praveen <praveen@debian.org>:

We have been discussing browserified _javascript_ situation in debian for
sometime. We decided to spent one full month on packaging browserify if
we can raise enough money via crowd funding. See
http://igg.me/at/debian-browserify for more details.

Hoping to have a good solution to this problem, if not in time for
stretch, at least for stretch+1 for sure.

But we'd still love to have an exception for stretch [1] as we may not
be able to fix all the packages in time for stretch or even complete
this task itself for strecth.

Note: Some packages would still need grunt or gulp I think, but probably
with some changes they could be briwserified using browserify itself.

I suppose you have considered using browserify-lite when possible ?
It is actually quite rare (and usually a bad sign of quality, imo) to see modules
that do require the full-fledge browserify.


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