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IBM MQ users lists





A Quick Follow up to you that if you are interested in IBM MQ users list which can help you to grow up your business campaigns?


We have other organization users like:  SQL Server Integration Services, webMethods, Talend Data Integration, Informatica PowerCenter, MuleSoft ESB, IBM InfoSphere, Inaport, Informatica Integration, Microsoft SQL Server Management, SAP Data Services, Atlas, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, Oracle GoldenGate, Adeptia Integration, COZYROC, Neuron ESB, MetaDex and many more.


Specialties: Cloud,Cognitive,Security,Research,Watson,Analytics,Consulting,Commerce,Experience Design, Technology support, Industry solutions, Systems services, IT iinfrastructure,Resiliency services, Financing and so on.


Data Fields – Name, Title, Email, Company Name, and Company Details like, Physical Address, Web Address, Revenue Size, Employee Size and industry.


Please let me know your thoughts and your criteria we will provide you with more information. And if you aren’t the right person to discuss this mail you can freely forward this mail to right person in your organization.



Cheryl Walker

Marketing Analytics


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