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Re: package builds crashing under fakeroot

Christian Seiler writes ("Re: package builds crashing under fakeroot"):
> On 10/03/2016 04:50 PM, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> > So its a legitimate tightening of credential-checking in pmix. However
> > it causes problems for us running tests under binary-arch.
> If the tests themselves don't need root (fakeroot is required for
> Debian's build infrastructure), you could just remove the fakeroot
> libraries from LD_PRELOAD.
> Example script (save as e.g. debian/nofakeroot, make it executable,
> call the tests via debian/nofakeroot command in debian/rules):


> > What do DDs think should be done about this - move all tests outside
> > binary-arch?


I think tests should be done in build targets, not binary targets.
It's probably a bug of some kind that they're not.

Is that straightforward to do ?


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