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removal instead of orphaning?

Hi all,

Today I was, once again, surprised to see how many (low popcon) orphaned
packages we have. I believe that orphanage is a burden to our community
in the sense that not all packages are picked up by a new maintainer and
these packages need some QA once in a while and often don't get enough
of that (at least most packages that I touched).

To keep the archive in a sane state, I was wondering if we shouldn't ask
maintainers that want/need to get rid of their packages to actively
consider if removal from Debian isn't a better option than orphaning
(taking into account the state of the package, the profile and the users
(both known and unknown by popcon)). The current maintainer is probably
in a way better position to judge this than later QA people in the case
where the package isn't adopted.

I suggest that everybody that orphans a package makes a statement in the
wnpp bug report on why (s)he believes orphaning is better than removal.
If people agree with my idea here, I'll suggest a change to the
reportbug template for orphaning bugs.


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