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Re: use long keyid-format in gpg.conf (Re: Key collisions in the wild

Samuel Thibault writes ("Re: use long keyid-format in gpg.conf (Re: Key collisions in the wild"):
> Ian Jackson, on Wed 10 Aug 2016 13:45:05 +0100, wrote:
> > I don't know what side of this (one) line such a proposed gpg change
> > falls.  I still think it's unsatisfactory that our stable release has
> > a default behaviour which cannot be used safely.
> Well, I'd argue that 64bit IDs are not safe either, they have not been
> made to be.

This is precisely the kind of point I was thinking of when I wrote:

  Even if long keyids are not sufficient, they are a big improvement and
  we should not let fixing this problem properly stand in the way of
  doing what we can, now.

This is now the second time I have cut and pasted that into this
thread.  I feel frustrated.

Did you miss that paragraph the first two times (in which case I guess
me repeating it was useful) ?  Or did you disagree with me ?  If you
disagreed, it would be helpful if you explained why, and what you
think we should do for users of jessie.


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