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Re: use long keyid-format in gpg.conf (Re: Key collisions in the wild

Adam D. Barratt writes ("Re: use long keyid-format in gpg.conf (Re: Key collisions in the wild"):
> On 2016-08-10 11:39, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > It would be much better to put out a stable release update to change
> > the default.  (Probably not a security update because of the risk of
> > causing currently-vulnerable scripts to become nonfunctional, which is
> > not something we normally do in security updates.)
> Stable updates in point releases aren't fundamentally different in that 
> respect to those issued via the security archive.

I was under the impression that the intent was that there was a
meaningful distinction in the level of conservativeness between "take
security updates" and "take security updates and stable updates too".

If that's not the case, then I don't understand what the distinction


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