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Re: Git Service for Debian (was Re: Next steps for gitlab.debian)

On 2016, ജൂലൈ 29 9:42:44 PM IST, Balasankar C <balasankarc@autistici.org> wrote:
>Let's agree to disagree. I have my concerns about wastage of
>time/energy/archive space etc. Having to drop an effort (yes, speaking
>with my GitLab packager hat on) in midway and starting another with all
>hope, without even having a proper discussion is somewhat difficult to

We are not dropping gitlab packaging. We did not start it just to be used for debian. The discussion on using gitlab for debian came much after we started gitlab packaging.

There are many users for gitlab package including git.fosscommunity.in (which you and me maintain).

>Shukra was requested first for a GitLab instance. I can't understand
>why we are
>ready to move on with the request now. Is it because this time it is
>Pagure and
>not GitLab? In that case, when did we fix on Pagure? Or, is there any
>other reason?

Because even those who suggested other options felt those were ready. Pagure was second in my list and current git.debian.org maintainer was happy with it. It is built on top of gitolite.

>I would like to have a proper discussion on what Git Service to use. I
>can see
>wiki pages [1] started and would like DSA to specify our needs and
>weigh each
>suggestion against these needs.
>I helped Praveen in packaging GitLab and I intend to help him in
>Pagure. But I would rather have my doubts cleared before spending time
>energy on it.

I hope your doubts are clarified.

>[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/GitNext

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