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Re: Bug#832748: ITP: greatcmakecookoff -- Usefull and less than usefull cmake recipes

On Thursday 28 July 2016 20:57:30 Ole Streicher wrote:
> Hi Sune,

> However, it is not just "works-for-me", since it is used in a different
> place from where it was developed, so the code found its friends
> (unfortunately).

And it might even find more friends if available in debian.

And then more users. and then all the bugs starts to show up, some likely 
requires api changes to fix. Then a lot of build failures and ...

> If I can't remove it, I in principle have two choices here: either I
> include it in each package; this would however violate the policy §4.13.
> Or I package it separately, then I am close to the "must not be so buggy
> that we refuse to support them" requirement in §2.2.1.

I do think that code duplication and keeping it private would be preferred in 
this case over packaging it separately.

Which parts is actually used ?

And the ones that are used to download an internet as part of the build needs 
to be fixed/changed/replaced anyways.

> If you (or someone else) could volunteer to help me in removing this
> dependency, I would be glad, and would withdraw the ITP.

I'm at least not volunteering to help to do anything with non-public sources.

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