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Re: Bug#832748: ITP: greatcmakecookoff -- Usefull and less than usefull cmake recipes

On Thursday 28 July 2016 15:33:55 Ole Streicher wrote:

>   URL             : https://github.com/UCL/GreatCMakeCookOff/wiki
>   Description     : Bunch of CMake pain in the baker
> This is a repository of useful and less than useful CMake recipes.

After reading it thru, I would really like to question the inclusion into the 

It seems like undertested, fragile works-for-me-and-probably-no-one-else cmake 

There is a couple of find modules that might be interesting, but I would 
really suggest to get those upstreamed into either cmake or extra-cmake-
modules and the rest of the hacks should preferably not be used.

I took a look at sopt and purify upstreams, and couldn't find that they used 
cmake at all?

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