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Bug#832508: O: systemd-shim -- SysVinit shim for systemd

Package: wnpp

Neither Steve nor I still have any interest in maintaining
systemd-shim. Debian's default init system is systemd, Ubuntu supports
nothing else any more (and does not even have systemd-shim any more),
upstart is gone from both Debian and Ubuntu, so the only use case for
it right now is running Debian with SysVinit (in particular, on
non-Linux flavors).

So this should be picked up by someone who is interested in keeping SysV init
support for desktops (i. e. which need logind or timedatectl) alive in Debian.
There are currently no release-critical bugs and the package is working
reasonably well for main use cases, but there *are* a few bugs worth looking

The upstream branch is currently at <https://github.com/desrt/systemd-shim/>.
Allison isn't interested any more in this either, so I suggest that
the upstream repo gets mothballed and systemd-shim just becomes a
Debian-native package (I'm not aware of any other distro using it

Note that systemd-shim currently uses cgmanager, which by itself is obsolete [1].

Package description:

  Description: shim for systemd
   This package emulates the systemd function that are required to run
   the systemd helpers without using the init service


[1] https://s3hh.wordpress.com/2016/06/18/whither-cgmanager/
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