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Re: synaptics vs libinput and GNOME 3.20 no longer supporting synaptics

On Sun, 2016-07-17 at 14:56 +0300, Arto Jantunen wrote:
> Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer@who-t.net> writes:
> > 
> > [Disclaimer: I'm jumping in because of the LWN quote of the week
> > and I'm
> > just reconstructing the emails from the archives, I'm not
> > subscribed.
> > Apologies if the thread breaks or any other side effects. Please
> > keep me in
> > CC]
> After this list discussion I switched my laptop from the synaptics
> driver to the new libinput driver. Most things just work (after
> re-enabling tap to click), but one thing I can't seem to figure out.

As another 'me too', like Arto I switched to libinput after seeing this
discussion, and with the switch I finally got back my touch to click
and everything else. It seems like the synaptics driver didn't worked
as well on my laptop (Dell Latitude 7350).

> Is it possible to remap two finger tap to the middle button (button
> 2)
> without remapping the right side of the clickpad at the same time
> (set-button-map seems to only do both at a time)? Searching finds
> several people asking this question, but sadly no responses.
> Also it might be nice to clear up some of the confusion the KDE
> people
> seem to have about this change ("libinput removes all touchpad
> configuration options except clicking enabled and scrolling", while
> many
> of the options remain available via the nice and friendly
> userinterface
> of xinput [1]).
> [1] https://rajeeshknambiar.wordpress.com/2015/02/22/libinput-support
> -added-to-touchpad-kcm/

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