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Replacing web assets with symlinks to packaged versions


as upstream of https://github.com/spanezz/staticsite I want it so that
when people git clone it or open a tarball of it, it just works,
with no need of installing twitter bootstrap in example/theme manually.

As Debian packager of it, I want twitter bootstrap in example/theme to
be symlinks to what's in libjs-twitter-bootstrap.

As both, I do not want to have to build two tarballs or something weird
like that.

We already use fakeroot to tweak the view of the file system when
building packages. How about a similar trick for web assets?

Could we have another LD_PRELOAD hack that replaced instances of
jquery.min.js to symlinks to libjs-jquery contents?

I drafted a proof of concept here, as a FUSE file system, because it was
easy to do by tweaking a passthrough FUSE filesystem example:

Could someone pick this up and turn it into something that integrated
well with our toolchain, so that I can turn my staticsite tarballs into
Debian packages with minimal effort, and so could everyone else[1]?


[1] Alternatively, could someone package staticsite for me, and I can
    stop worrying about this? :)
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