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Re: opinions of snappy packages

Lars Wirzenius writes:
 > Right. It seems I have a different opinion here than the project has
 > in general, and because of that, I think it's as OK for snapd to be in
 > main as those other packages. And becaus snapd now has, or is getting,
 > support for other server sides, and there's a free one appearing, even
 > if I wasn't, it would still be OK.

Originally this thread was about opinions, there is one still not yet
voiced: snap and flatpak (and nix?) make it easier to distribute 
propietary, non-FOSS sw on FOSS platforms. This is still about freedom
of choice: there are users willing to run FOSS sw platform like debian
linux and still purchase propietary, commercial sw to be run on said
platform. Making that difficult on purpose might not be the greatest
of ideas.

Isn't this much different from tarballs with statically linked
binaries inside, with exceptions that you get notifications about
possible updates? 

And some sunny day someone ports snapd environment to VAX/VMS and all 
packaged goodies will run there too without a glitch? 


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