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Re: Thinking about a "jessie and a half" release

On 07/04/2016 03:01 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> There's something I've been pondering for a while, along with some
> other folks - it might be useful to do a "jessie and a half" release,
> similarly to what we did in the etch days. That's *basically* just
> like a normal jessie release, but with a few key updates:
>  * backports kernel
>  * rebuilt d-i to match that kernel
>  * X drivers
>  * ... (other things that might be needed for consistency)
> all rolled up with a small installer image build (netinst, maybe DVD#1).

Why would you call it "Jessie + 1/2"? Wouldn't it be a better idea
to regularly have a "backports installer" netinst image? So when
8.6 (or 8.7 if it takes longer) comes around, there'll be an image,
part of the point release, that will contain the backports kernel
that's current at that time, plus the installer will enable backports
automatically, plus it will install a preferences.d file that will
enable pulling kernel + X11 drivers from backports. (But not other

This could then be a regular part of the released installer images,
and any new major release (e.g. Stretch 9.0) would enable the
preferences.d file + backports automatically, but would still use
the regular kernel at that point (because there'd be no backports

That way, you'd have a little more work in the installer in creating
an image that uses a backports kernel, but there'd be no need in
having to support a new release in addition to Jessie, because the
installed system would be equivalent to Jessie + upgrade kernel to
backports + remove old kernel package. Which is already something
that people do _now_.


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