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Re: Vcs-* and shared repos


Quoting Iustin Pop (2016-05-28 00:53:18)
> If we go that way, they we should make it abstract: introduce Vcs-Path
> and Vcs-Layout. Both of these are completely independent of the software
> that hosts the code.

this would also make it possible to have spaces in the path name without having
to introduce and implement some escape mechanism for spaces.

Or is it already possible to have spaces in the branch name?

> As for branch, we already have it, so I'd leave it like it is.

I like your proposal but I would indeed also add a Vcs-Branch field and
encourage maintainers to use it instead of -b (easily checked by lintian). The
advantage would be to avoid "yet more ad hoc, custom syntax into Debian data
files" as already pointed out by Lars Wirzenius elsewhere in this thread.


cheers, josch

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