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Re: mutt concentration camp (was Re: Neomutt packages available)

* Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>, 2016-06-24, 09:05:
I am suggesting that I remember what happened with mutt-kz.
I have no idea what you are referring to here, but it reminds me to say that I think the name "mutt-kz" is a NO-GO. I know it's from the authors initials, but… to me it sounds like "mutt-hitler" or probably worse.

Send complaints to Karel's parents...

Every other two-letter sequence is going to mean something dreadful in some language. For example, millions[0] of Poles are offended when you talk about UBSan[1], or MO[2] files, or the .SS macro.

And I don't think this is a german thing (well…)

It's not a thing in Poland, at least.

[0] for very small values of "million"
[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_Public_Security_%28Poland%29
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milicja_Obywatelska

Jakub Wilk

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