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Re: Package tool with systemd dependency

On Tue, 21 Jun 2016 at 11:11:09 +0200, Jan Luca Naumann wrote:
> I want to package a tool* which highly uses systemd and particulary its
> per-user service feature.

By "per-user service" are you referring to systemd user services, which are
children of the per-user service manager, "systemd --user"
(aka the system service user@.service, started by systemd-logind)?

If you are, then this tool is in the same situation as dbus-user-session,
which is an optional/recommended add-on for dbus, and currently only works
with systemd. (I'd review patches for other service managers that can
guarantee to provide a D-Bus socket early in login, if such things exist,
but in practice I think systemd and maybe Upstart are the only ones.)

> Is it a problem to package the tool with "Depends: systemd" and
> "Architecture: linux-any"?

You should probably use Depends: libpam-systemd (which means you
get a working systemd-logind somehow, either via systemd-sysv or
sysvinit + systemd-shim) together with a Depends or Recommends on
systemd-sysv. That's what I did for dbus-user-session.

Depends: systemd is not enough, because having systemd.deb installed
says nothing about whether systemd was actually used as init.


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