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Bug#826545: ITP: libdill -- Structured concurrency for C

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: "Shih-Yuan Lee (FourDollars)" <fourdollars@gmail.com>

* Package name    : libdill
  Version         : 0.5-beta
  Upstream Author : Martin Sustrik <sustrik@250bpm.com>
* URL             : http://libdill.org
* License         : MIT/X11
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : Structured concurrency for C

Libdill is a C library that makes writing structured concurrent programs easy.

The following example launches two concurrent worker functions that print "Hello!" or "World!", respectively, in random intervals. Program runs for five seconds, then it shuts down.

  #include <libdill.h>
  #include <stdio.h>
  #include <stdlib.h>
  coroutine int worker(const char *text) {
      while(1) {
          printf("%s\n", text);
          msleep(now() + random() % 500);
      return 0;
  int main() {
      msleep(now() + 5000);
      return 0;

Code using libdill is compiled in standard C way. The only additional requirement is to link it with libdill library:

  $ cc -ldill -o hello hello.c

Libdill is licensed under MIT/X11 license.

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