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many tiny tiny node.js packages


this is not about these two specific packages, I'm rather wondering
how to deal with an ecosystem where it seems to be normal to release
tiny tiny packages…  (*)

On Sun, Jun 05, 2016 at 03:25:48AM +0200, Jonathan Ulrich Horn wrote
"Bug#826371: ITP: node-camelcase-keys -- Convert object keys to

> * Package name    : node-camelcase-keys
> * URL             : https://github.com/sindresorhus/camelcase-keys

this package contains of 21 lines of node.js code.

I noticed because on Friday I saw this #826272 and was already thinking
"oh my, a whole package for a single function?"

Bug#826272: ITP: node-camelcase -- Convert a string to camelCase

this package contains of 57 lines of node.js code.

Adding packages to the Debian archive has a cost, both for the
distribution but also on individual machines…

I've no idea what to do here, since AFAIK packages like the above are
not really an exception in the node.js world, but rather the norm… or
maybe they are not the norm but it's definitly not uncommon to have a
package for a single function…

FTR: "apt-cache search node|grep ^node|wc -l" returns 382 today.

And "for i in $(apt-cache search node|grep ^node|cut -d " " -f1) ; do
apt-cache show $i |grep ^Size ; done" shows that the majority of those
are less than 10k in size.


(*) and as such I've just bcc:ed Jonathan so he does not get this
discussion pushed in his inbox but is aware that this discussion is
happening on -devel@ :)

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