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Bug#822697: general: qt5 apps in gnome do not use the gtk style as they should

Control: reassign -1 libqt5widgets5 5.5.1+dfsg-16
Control: tags -1 moreinfo

Hi Miguel,

On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 06:20:10PM +0100, Miguel Negrao wrote:
> Qt5 apps (e.g. qmapshack) do not use the gtk style as should be the default.
> Because of this they look a bit more ugly, for instance the buttons to close
> panes have a black X instead of a white X on red background. Launching the qt5
> binary with '-style=gtk' gives the right look, but the system should be
> configured such that this is not necessary.

This most likely means that Qt does not recognize your desktop as needing GTK+
integration. Can you please check what is the value of XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP
environment variable on your system?

Also, please keep in mind that the GTK+ style will be removed in Qt 5.7,
and the recommended alternative is using custom themes like Adwaita-Qt.

Dmitry Shachnev

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