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Re: Bug#821035: ITP: luksipc -- LUKS in-place conversion tool

On Apr 17 2016, Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 10:06:51PM +0200, Vincent Bernat wrote:
>> * Package name    : luksipc
>>   Version         : 0.04
>>   Upstream Author : Johannes Bauer
>> * URL             : http://johannes-bauer.com/linux/luksipc/
>> * License         : GPL-3
>>   Programming Lang: C
>>   Description     : LUKS in-place conversion tool
>> luksipc is a tool to convert (unencrypted) block devices to
>> (encrypted) LUKS devices in-place (therefore it's name LUKS in-place
>> conversion). This means the conversion is performed without the need
>> of copying all data somewhere, recreating the whole disk (i.e. create
>> a LUKS device, create a new filesystem on the mapped LUKS device, copy
>> all data back). Instead, the process is reduced to:
>>  1. Unmounting the filesystem
>>  2. Resizing the filesystem to shrink about 10 megabytes (2048 kB is
>>     the current LUKS header size -- but do not trust this value, it
>>     has changed in the past!)
>>  3. Performing luksipc
>>  4. Adding custom keys to the LUKS keyring
>> I intend to also provide an initramfs hook to make the conversion of a
>> root filesystem for simple cases only (notably cloud payload).
> I am still a little bit scared by this tool.

FWIW, it is used on Android every time encryption is first enabled by
the user.


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