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Re: Opt out style recommends

Wookey wrote:
> +++ Josh Triplett [2016-04-08 10:31 -0700]:
> > I wonder if debian-policy section 12 should talk about the desired
> > package relationship between <package> and <package>-doc? 
> The world has changed since the policy was originally written. I do
> like to have -doc package for most things installed and find it
> very annoying that often the 'help' in an app just takes you to a
> web-page somewhere, which is particulaly galling when you have no net
> connection, or only an expensive one.

If the app has a help option or built-in help, then the help should
absolutely be a Recommends.

> But I agree that this is now the exception rather than the norm and a
> lot of the time recommends for a second copy of the docs is too strong.
> >  For instance,
> > "If <package> is a build tool, command-line tool, or library, <package>
> > already provides documentation in man, info, or text format, and
> > <package>-doc provides HTML or other formats, <package> should have a
> > 'Suggests: <package>-doc'.  Otherwise, <package> should have a
> > 'Recommends: <package>-doc'."
> That seems a sensible default position.

Would you be willing to make this Policy proposal on my behalf?  IANADD.

- Josh Triplett

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