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debhelper compat 10 ready for testing (debhelper/9.20160403)


With the latest debhelper upload today, I believe compat 10 is now ready
for widespread testing.

The following is the list of changes:

>     v10 This compatibility level is open for beta testing; changes may
>         occur.
>         Changes from v9 are:
>         -       dh_installinit will no longer install a file named
>                 debian/*package* as an init script.
>         -       dh_installdocs will error out if it detects links created
>                 with --link-doc between packages of architecture "all" and
>                 non-"all" as it breaks binNMUs.
>         -       dh no longer creates the package build directory when
>                 skipping running debhelper commands. This will not affect
>                 packages that only build with debhelper commands, but it may
>                 expose bugs in commands not included in debhelper.
>         -       dh_installdeb no longer installs a maintainer-provided
>                 debian/*package*.shlibs file. This is now done by
>                 dh_makeshlibs instead.
>         -       dh_installwm refuses to create a broken package if no man
>                 page can be found (required to register for the
>                 x-window-manager alternative).
>         -       Debhelper will default to --parallel for all buildsystems
>                 that support parallel building. This can be disabled by
>                 using either --no-parallel or passing --max-parallel with a
>                 value of 1.
>         -       The dh command will not accept any of the deprecated "manual
>                 sequence control" parameters (--before, --after, etc.).
>                 Please use override targets instead.
>         -       The dh command will no longer use log files to track which
>                 commands have been run. The dh command *still* keeps track
>                 of whether it already ran the "build" sequence and skip it
>                 if it did.
>                 The main affects of this are:
>                 -   With this, it is now easier to debug the *install*
>                     or/and *binary* sequences because they can now trivially
>                     be re-run (without having to do a full "clean and
>                     rebuild" cycle)
>                 -   The main caveat is that dh_* now only keeps track of
>                     what happened in a single override target. When all the
>                     calls to a given dh_cmd command happens in the same
>                     override target every thing will work as before.
>                     Example of where it can go wrong:
>                       override_dh_foo:
>                         dh_foo -pmy-pkg
>                       override_dh_bar:
>                         dh_bar
>                         dh_foo --remaining
>                     In this case, the call to dh_foo --remaining will *also*
>                     include *my-pkg*, since dh_foo -pmy-pkg was run in a
>                     separate override target. This issue is not limited to
>                     --remaining, but also includes -a, -i, etc.
>         -       The dh_installdeb command now shell escapes the lines in the
>                 maintscript config file. This was the original intend but it
>                 did not work properly and packages have begun to rely on the
>                 incomplete shell escaping (e.g. quoting file names).
>         -       The dh_installinit command now defaults to
>                 --restart-after-upgrade. For packages needing the previous
>                 behaviour, please use --no-restart-after-upgrade.
>         -       The autoreconf sequence is now enabled by default. Please
>                 pass --without autoreconf to dh if this is not desirable for
>                 a given package

A couple of notes:

 * On autoreconf vs config.{sub,guess}: The default sequence now
   always updates config.{sub,guess} even if autoreconf would not.
   - There is a separate helper, dh_update_autotools_config, that
     updates these files before dh_autoreconf is run.  If you have
     been using the "autotools-dev" sequence, then that is now
     redundant (in sid/stretch - you may want to keep it for backports)
   - See also the debate on [autoreconf by default] from 2014 on d-d.

 * The "--restart-after-upgrade" change in dh_installinit will also
   be added to dh_systemd_start in the next upload of dh-system[1].

 * dh-autoreconf (version 11 or later) will respect --sourcedirectory
   in compat 10 (see #673254).

 * Usage of compat 10 will still trigger a lintian warning (or two).
   Please ignore/override these if you are an early adopter of
   compat 10.


[autoreconf by default]:


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