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Re: Removing sysV init files

Am 15.01.2016 um 21:48 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> Hi Alec
> Am 15.01.2016 um 21:42 schrieb Alec Leamas:
>> It's more complicated. The systemd setup is three different services,
>> the sysV one. There is no systemd service  directly corresponding  to
>> the sysV one.  In other words, here is two things taking place  at once:
>> a major upgrade + sysV -> systemd.
> In that case, I would probably mask the sysv init script under systemd,
> i.e ship a symlink /lib/systemd/systemd/sysvinitname → /dev/null
> This way, it is prevented, that the sysv init script is run (by
> accident) under systemd.

An example for that is alsa-utils:
The sysv init script is named


The systemd service units:

And /lib/systemd/system/alsa-utils.service is a symlink pointing at

Another approach, as e.g. used by openvpn, where /etc/init.d/openvpn
corresponds to a multitude of systemd service units, is to to use a
dummy service or target, which represents the old sysv name.

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