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Re: Removing sysV init files

Alec Leamas <leamas.alec@gmail.com> writes:

> Dear list,
> In the process of a complicated update, there is a question about how
> to handle the systemV init scripts when doing the systemd transition.
> The package (lirc) has upstream systemd scripts which of course are
> packaged. The existing Debian version has sysV scripts. However, these
> are quite a pain to maintain.
> Given all this: would it be OK to drop the sysV files in a stretch update?

I suppose it's not okay, because you'll get a lot of bug reports from
non-linux based debian distributions. And if it's not your business, and
you don't support sysv scripts, then it will eventually become a problem
for developers of these distributions.

I wanna remind that systemd as the default is an experiment. It can be
finished in a while. So it's important to safe the support for other
init systems.

Btw, I'm a user of Debian Jessie, and I see then now Debian keep an
ability to work without systemd. I'd like it to be so in the future.

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