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Re: metapackages and setting config files in /etc and /home/dir

Le lundi 11 janvier 2016, 23:38:10 Stephan Foley a écrit :
> Hello, let's say I have the following install:
> my_metapackage -> depends on windows_manager -> depends on lightdm ->
> depends on xorg
> can I set the configuration files? For instance, can I set the lightdm
> config in /etc or the windows_manager's config in /home/user? Or can
> only the original package set this?

Technicaly, yes you can do it & it will work; but it's agaisnt
the policy so this package can never enter the archive;
but it's not the goal anyway, so why not ?

https://wiki.debian.org/ConfigPackages  is a bit hard to follow &
most tools support drop-in configuration files (/etc/$<package>.d/ )

I don't want to play the "I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours" game;
but I couldn't find any example online, so here's one:


Does the name "my_metapackage" comes from there ?

Make sure to pick a name that wouldn't match a possible future package official name.

Alexandre Detiste

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