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Re: MBF Announcement: Transition libpng12 -> libpng16

Dear Debian-devel,

The preparation for the transition are going pretty much good.
In the meantime the bugs have been filed and there are already many
fixes uploaded. MANY THANKS for all of you.

I'm also rebuilding newly uploaded packages to keep libpng.sviech.de
somehow up to date.  

Of course, I take any help in NMUing the remaining cases, especially
the FTBFS ones: The bugs Nobuhiro filed years ago usually have patches
in them, so it is normally quite straight-forward. 

One reminder, as I saw this at now already in a few packages:

For uploads to sid, DO NOT USE 

 libpng16-dev | libpng-dev

The buildds will *always* take the first alternative, libpng16-dev in
this case. So this will FTBFS on the buildds.
In the (unlikely) case you can only be compatible with libpng16, upload
to experimental for now.



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