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Re: support for merged /usr in Debian

Marc Haber wrote:
> See the discussion about EnvironmentFile which "should never have been
> implemented" and "should be removed" on systemd-devel which resulted
> in one side of the discussion being put on moderation (guess which one
> got silenced).

The ones posting messages like
, I would guess.

I see a thread full of people having a reasonable discussion, including
many people expressing various opinions about EnvironmentFile and
related configuration, but most of them managed to do so without
devolving into hatefulness.  Do you expect to go to the development
mailing list of a project and post rants about that project and its
developers, and retain the ability to post there?  And then come here
and rant about it further and expect sympathy?

I would also note that the mail informing you of the moderation of your
mails, at
, explicitly said your technical mails would be passed onto the list,
just filtering out the hateful mails.  That seems rather generous.

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