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Mass bug filing: dpkg-buildpackage -A


I've noticed that some packages fail to build from source when built
using "dpkg-buildpackage -A".

This is not only a violation of policy, but also prevents the package
from being uploaded in source-only form, as the architecture-independent
packages are generated by a dedicated "Arch: all" autobuilder which
does exactly "dpkg-buildpackage -A" and nothing else.

[ The problem with source-only uploads is aggravated by this bug in


  which apparently it's only a "normal" bug ].

As the number of bugs is going to be greater than ten, I hereby
announce my intent to report as many bugs of this type as I found.

I think those are clearly bugs, and they should be reported.
The only thing that may be unclear is the severity. I would like this
to be RC in some not too distant future (to be on par with ordinary
"dpkg-buildpackage"), but for now I think "severity: important" would
be appropriate here.


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