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Re: Copyright file granularity

Quoting Osamu Aoki (2015-11-15 04:07:10)
> Please note one type of de-facto exception which is not documented but 
> widely accepted.  FTP master has accepted such packages with the GNU 
> permissive type license on autotools generated files.  I see almost no 
> one follow the rule literary on these files.

Right - 72 packages register GAP licensing terms (plus maybe some not 
using machine-readable files with that common license shortname):


> They are slightly different files to files and are nothing but noise 
> for then purpose we use debian/copyright if we pedantically list them.

Registering such files is not simply noise: It is a way of signalling 
"this file has been checked and is believed to be DFSG-compliant", which 
is is quite different from "this file was added in a later upstream 
release, was not checked by the package maintainer nor by the ftpteam".

 - Jonas

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