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Re: promoting virtualbox-dkms to virtualbox pre-depends

On Wed, 2015-09-23 at 08:18 -0400, Marvin Renich wrote:
> If I understand correctly how dpkg triggers work, this could cause a
> restart of vbox before the module is installed, but then it should
> also
> cause a second restart after it is installed.  (I.e. you could get a
> spurious failing restart in the middle, but when the dust settles,
> all
> should be well.)
> This is caused by apt and aptitude breaking up large installations
> into
> multiple calls to dpkg.  Each call to dpkg will cause the triggers to
> be
> run, so if apt(itude) happens to separate the vbox and vbox-dkms
> installations into separate runs of dpkg, vbox might be restarted the
> first time with the wrong module, but it will be corrected in a
> subsequent run.  This assumes correctly using Recommends instead of
> Depends.  As I (and others) said earlier, not only is Pre-Depends
> wrong,
> but Depends is also wrong in this situation.

Hmmm.. I think I have seen this kind of error some time ago.

So how is such error supposed to be treated ? Ignore it ? I guess the
final result of apt is still a success, in such cases.

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