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Re: promoting virtualbox-dkms to virtualbox pre-depends

* Marvin Renich <mrvn@renich.org> [150923 07:52]:
> What might work, ..., and then use dpkg triggers to start the
> vbox service after all packages in the dpkg installation run have been
> configured.

If I understand correctly how dpkg triggers work, this could cause a
restart of vbox before the module is installed, but then it should also
cause a second restart after it is installed.  (I.e. you could get a
spurious failing restart in the middle, but when the dust settles, all
should be well.)

This is caused by apt and aptitude breaking up large installations into
multiple calls to dpkg.  Each call to dpkg will cause the triggers to be
run, so if apt(itude) happens to separate the vbox and vbox-dkms
installations into separate runs of dpkg, vbox might be restarted the
first time with the wrong module, but it will be corrected in a
subsequent run.  This assumes correctly using Recommends instead of
Depends.  As I (and others) said earlier, not only is Pre-Depends wrong,
but Depends is also wrong in this situation.


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