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Re: [DDEB] Status on automatic debug packages (2015-08-24)

On 2015-09-20 19:04, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> Dnia 2015-08-25, wto o godzinie 13:41 +0000, Jean-Michel Vourgère
> pisze:
>> Hi
>> The question is also valid for python2:
>> When using dh --with python2 *and* build-depending on python-all-dbg,
>> I'm getting [1]:
>> * Some files like /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/*.debug
>> * Some files like
>> /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/rrdtool.x86_64-linux-gnu_d.so
>> Am I correct in assuming that this need to be split?
>> * Each arch:any binary package will get its own -dbgsym package, like
>> python-rrdtool-dbgsym_1.5.4-6_amd64.deb,
>> lua-rrd-dbgsym_1.5.4-6_amd64.deb, ...
>> * The python debug $(arch)_d.so generated by dh_auto_build will need
>> its
>> own package. (See questions of Nikolaus and Sebastian).
>> The main question is whether or not these -dbgsym package is only of
>> debug symbols.

The current plan is for debhelper to only deal with the first type of
debug symbols (i.e. /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/*/*.debug).  I have not
looked at language specific debug files; we might do that later once the
original proposal is available in unstable.

>> Assuming this is split, should one make a recommends: towards these
>> non-main packages?

FTR: It is not a given that you should split them.  If you have to
create a manual dbg package, you might as well include the normal debug

>> Finally, if the current -dbg packages are moved out of main, either
>> the
>> buildd's will need to have them in their source list, or the section
>> of
>> the python tools to generate the debug _d.so thingies need to be
>> changed.
>> [1] https://packages.debian.org/sid/amd64/rrdtool-dbg/filelist

For reference, given the issues with moving regular -dbg packages out of
main (some of them are used as Build-Depends), manual -dbg packages will
stay in unstable.

This was concluded in a separate branch of this thread.

> Test on current sid, trying to PyOpenCL with pybuild and debug symbols.
> Current version of package has *-dbg entries for both Python 2 and Python 3,
> and thanks for pybuild there is no need for code dealing with those in d/control.
> I added DH_BUILD_DDEBS = 1 to d/rules, changed dh_strip to use
> --ddeb-migration and not -dbg-package, and removed *-dbg from d/control.
> After building I got python-pyopencl{3}-dbgsym*.dbg.
> Those packages contained only /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/*.debug files,
> without /usr/lib/python*/dist-packages/*.so.

Indeed, as I concluded above in reply to Jean-Michel, this is the
intentional behaviour - at least for now.

> Is there something missing?
> Files *.so with debugging symbols are built (there are lines
> PYBUILD_DESTDIR_python2-dbg=debian/python-pyopencl-dbg/ in d/rules)
> so IMO it's (just?) case of adding those to *-dggsym.deb files.
> Best regards.

I am open to adding those at a later stage.  Though at this point, I
would really like to get ddebs into unstable, before we scope creep it
any further.


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