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Status of the src:lsb package (was: Debian LSB compliance)

Hi all,

It is time for an update about the lsb source package status, especially 
as a quite important change landed in testing.

After the discussion [0] about these changes back in July (on both 
debian-lsb@ and debian-devel@), I have uploaded src:lsb 9.20150826 to 
unstable, building no LSB compatibility packages anymore (besides lsb-
release and lsb-base). As far as I could see, this didn't affect 
anything in unstable at the time (and that's how things should be).

This change landed in stretch on September 14. and is de facto the 
"outright giving up" of LSB support for Debian, from stretch onwards. As 
mentionned in the NEWS.Debian entry, the lsb-base (init-functions) and 
lsb-release packages are still available, and are here to stay: lsb-
release has 102 reverse-depends, and lsb-base has 800+ reverse-depends.

But Debian's not throwing all of the LSB overboard: we're still firmly 
standing behind the FHS (version 2.3 through Debian Policy; although 3.0 
was released in August this year) and our SysV init scripts mostly 
conform to LSB VIII.22.{2-8}. But don't get me wrong, this src:lsb 
upload is an explicit move away from the LSB.

I will keep an eye on src:lsb, but really, I don't intend to invest much 
more time; so I'll happily hand over maintainership to anyone wanting to 
invest time in LSB 5.0 Debian support.


[0] https://lists.debian.org/4682310.7LIWdV4Lar@gyllingar

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