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Re: [DH] Planning to remove deprecated commands and compat levels in debhelper

On 14/09/15 11:11, Matthias Klose wrote:
> On 09/14/2015 08:38 AM, Niels Thykier wrote:
>> Are you using dh_movefiles here because dh_install does not support wild
>> arguments?  Or would dh_install not work for you regardless?
> I didn't check if dh_install supports wild card arguments.  I'm using
> dh_movefiles to check if I package every relevant file, so assuming dh_install
> would support the globbing, this still leaves the question how to check for the
> completeness of the packaging.  And I'm not going to write 150 .install files
> just to be able to use dh_install --missing. 

If you're referring to this pattern in e.g. gcc-5:

	DH_COMPAT=2 dh_movefiles -p$(p_cpp) $(files_cpp)

then you can do a very similar thing with dh_install:

        dh_install -pmypackage 'usr/share/mypackage/*'
        dh_install -pmypackage debian/myscript usr/bin
        dh_install --remaining-packages --list-missing

(src:dbus uses this trick, for instance.)


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