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Re: GNU IceCat?

On الأحد 13 أيلول 2015 13:06, Chris Knadle wrote:
>>> If you do find that the Iceweasel maintainers are not interested
>>> >> enough in your goals, then a better engineering solution might be an
>>> >> overlay package which overrides some of the configuration defaults.
>>> >>
>>> >> (If there is currently no good mechanism for such an overlay package,
>>> >> that is a generically useful thing which I would expect both Debian's
>>> >> Iceweasel people and indeed upstream Mozilla to welcome.)
>> > 
>> > I don't see how such a mechanism would work, but if it was possible that
>> > would be nice.
> I can imagine how it would work, but it's ugly.  It might be best to build a
> "dpkg-overlay" tool for the job.  The basic idea would be that dpkg-overlay
> would be willing to replace package files and their .md5sum after checking a
> replacement .md5sum file that comes with the overlay package.  [This idea
> comes from exploits on local Debian packages that I've heard about, BTW.]
> The catch is that there'd need to be some way of triggering a
> re-installation of the overlay if the package that the overlay is for is
> reinstalled.

What about something like config-package-dev [1-2]? It can be used to
create packages that replace/transform specific files in another package
using dpkg-divert. It seems to have the capabilities to handle the
issues discussed here, but I have not used it myself yet to know for sure.


1. https://packages.debian.org/sid/config-package-dev
2. https://debathena.mit.edu/config-packages/

Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

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