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Re: GCC-5 transition will move to testing tonight

Quoting Jonathan McDowell (noodles@earth.li):

> I continue to be impressed at the fine work the release team do for
> Debian. Based on conversations at DebConf I'd expected a much longer
> period of instability and lack of updates to testing. While I understand
> we're not out of the woods yet I'd like to thank everyone who's worked
> hard on dealing with this major transition.


It's quite some time that I witness this amazing work silently (less
Debian, more running, you know the story) but I'm incredibly
impressed. Kudos, folks (and all "big teams" such as Python packagers,
Perl packagers, KDE team, etc.) for your work even though my favourite sports
tracking application  got killed for a few weeks because of the
transition...:-)...and even though I sufferred quite painfully from
the Plasma 5 transition, in unstable.

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