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Re: sbuild just hangs

On Thu, 30 Jul 2015, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> there are (unfortunately) a number of situations I encountered when sbuild
> would just hang or just fail without any sensible error message. In my case,
> the most common reason for that was that the chroot it was instructed to use
> (via the configuration file in your case because you did not specify the -d
> parameter) did not exist.

That's the usual case with me too. However I don't have any distribution
set in the configuration file... instead sbuild is smart enought to figure
it out from debian/changelog (or maybe from the .changes built out of the
current directory).

So when I have "UNRELEASED" as target distribution and call "sbuild", I
get this hang. The simple solutions is to indicate the desired
distribution: sbuild -d unstable

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