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Re: Packages to install be default for Stretch

On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 2:45 AM, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:

>  * Same for question for "dmidecode": could the priority be lowered to
>    "standard"?

As this relates to specific hardware/firmware, this should be moved to
optional and d-i/isenkram/PackageKit/etc should install it when
installing on the right class of systems, based on hw-detect, isenkram
or DEP-11 data.

>     - cron:
>       Not needed in chroot/container environments.
>       -> demote to "standard"

A lot of packages ship cron jobs, I guess this means they will need to
depend on cron?

>     - logrotate, rsyslog:
>       -> tempted to demote to "standard", but maybe only in buster

Same for this.

>     - at:
>       Rarely used (IMO).
>       -> demote to "optional"

I'd keep this at standard.

>     - mlocate:
>       Rarely used (AFAIK).
>       -> demote to "optional"

I'd keep this at standard.

>     - w3m:
>       I think text-mode browsers are not worth including in the default
>       install. It is *very* rare to not have another computer to use.
>       Plus in the worst case the package is still just an apt-get away.
>       -> demote to "optional"

I'd wager most use of w3m is for local-only web resources on servers.



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