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dose3 support for versioned provides (was: Re: Bits from the dpkg project: 1.17.x series, general news)


Quoting Joachim Breitner (2015-04-18 22:24:20)
> is great. I assume that support for this needs to be added to more tools
> and infrastructure. Any estimate as to when can we start using this
> feature in packages uploaded to Debian unstable?

for source packages that require versioned virtual packages, dose3 support for
this is needed because otherwise the affected source packages will remain
bd-uninstallable.  But right now dose3 can only parse versioned provides but
does not treat them correctly yet.  This is this bug:


Since the build infrastructure runs stable, it might be tricky to be able to
upload source packages relying on versioned virtual packages before the next
stable release (assuming this dose3 bug is fixed during the next release

cheers, josch

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