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Re: Any way to apply patch on some archs only?

I don't know the exact way, but you can do it with some debian/rules magic.
What's the issue with patching the non-affected arches?

On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 5:26 PM, olivier sallou <osallou@debian.org> wrote:

I d like to know if it is posdible to apply a patch on some archs only.
I have some FTBS on some archs for a package. I have a patch but I d like to apply it only on failings archs and keep original upstream code for others.

Patches can indeed fix an issue but be less performant/optimal...

I could not find a way to do so, but i am sure some others already faced the case before me and can drive me to the doc i did not find :-)



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