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Re: Jessie Release

Balder García García <baldercomendador@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi, I only want to know when will jessie released , I am waitting for
> SteamOS final version, but first you must launch jessie, thanks for your
> time!

The Debian project doesn't commit to specific release dates ahead of
time. Rather, we have a set of things that need to be done before the
release. We are currently in feature freeze for Jessie.

At the page for information on the Jessie release, you can see:

    People often ask if there is a single release "progress meter".
    Unfortunately there isn't one, but we can refer you to several
    places that describe things needed to be dealt with for the release
    to happen […]


(Also note that ‘debian-devel’ is not really the right place to ask
this; ‘debian-user’ would be a more appropriate forum. Good hunting!)

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