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Re: new pre-dependency: perl{,-base,-modules} -> dpkg (>= 1.17.17)

Niko Tyni writes ("Re: new pre-dependency: perl{,-base,-modules} -> dpkg (>= 1.17.17)"):
> On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 11:15:04AM +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:
> > I've not looked into the details yet, but just to comment that there's
> > been talk about possibly reverting that fix, because in some error
> > situations it can get apt into an unrecoverable state (#774124). :(
> > (I guess this just calls for both a fixed apt, and a dpkg that
> > workarounds any such situation.)
> Thanks. So do you think I should wait for that to be resolved first?

I don't think so, no.

> AFAICS the worst that could happen with such a revert is that the perl
> Pre-Depends+Breaks fix stops working and xfonts-traditional 'postinst
> triggered' functionality needs to be changed to survive missing
> dependencies.

As Guillem said:

> > Of course reverting that fix brings back all upgrade issues related
> > to trigger processing w/o the required dependencies. Which are
> > probably more, and easier to get into.

I agree with Guillem that reverting the triggers dependency fix would
be a worse idea.


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