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Re: Prevent #568008 from being archived

found 568008 linux-2.6/3.1.8-2
found 568008 linux-2.6/3.0.0-3
found 568008 linux-2.6/2.6.32-5
fixed 568008 linux/3.2.21-1
found 568008 linux/3.16.0-4
submitter 568008 Patrick Häcker <pat_h@web.de>

On Sat, 24 Jan 2015, Patrick Häcker wrote:
> I could not find the reason why #568008 got archived again. Could
> someone please tell me what I have to do to avoid having it
> automatically archived in its current state?
> Or was it a mistake to reopen a bug when I assume there is a
> regression?

The right thing to do is to mark mark the bug as found in the version in
which it has been regressed in.

That will cause the bug to be reopened if that version is later than the
latest fixed version. If necessary, you can also reopen it directly,

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