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Re: Who gets an email when with bugreports [was: Re: Unauthorised activity surrounding tbb package]

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 8:06 AM, Don Armstrong wrote:

> I'm going to put together a bit more firm of a proposal in the next few
> weeks, but I think that basically everything but nnn-done@ and
> nnn-submitter@ should be no different from mailing nnn@, and until I
> allow submitters to opt out of e-mail, mailing nnn-submitter@ should be
> no different from e-mailing nnn@ either.

I'd very much appreciate the ability to not be auto-subscribed to
every bug so please do implement the opt-out thing, preferably before
this change is rolled out.

Personally, I think subscriptions should work like this:

The default should be to auto-subscribe submitters and contributors to bugs.

Every email address can have an auto-subscribe value associated with
it to override that.

Every bug submission and mail to nnnn@ can include a Subscribe header
to override that.

There should be a set of addresses that are auto-subscribed to all
bugs relating to individual packages. Current Maintainers/Uploaders
should be automatically included in that set, at least until we get
rid of those headers.

The list of subscribers should be visible on the bug web page and
reply links shouldn't include subscribers who are subscribed. A "reply
to all" link could be used to mail the bug and everyone who
contributed to the bug that isn't subscribed.

The Reply-To and Mail-Followup-To headers should be set if they aren't
already so that people don't get duplicate mails.



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