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Re: length of a package extended description

Quoting Vincent Lefevre (vincent@vinc17.net):

> The issue with the translations is just a consequence, but also
> just because the translators don't use a properly designed tool.

I very much like such answers. Really.

Short followup: patches welcomed. Please note that this is against a
basecode that is very loosely maintained but is still working fairly
well for gazillions of other packages.

Please also note that identifying "lists" in package descriptions
might be a very interesting thing to do, given the various way you
(maintainers) all have to make lists, given the loose rules for
writing package descriptions (just think about bullets not being
standardized and neither are wordwrapping rules).

So, even shorter followup: what you suggest is impossible.....and will
even break hundreds (thousands?) of existing translations. 

So, no, "fixing" the "translators tools" is not an option. Whether or
not texlive-* packages are "too long" is a debate I already had with
Norbert in the bug report he mentioned. He gave a rationale which
doesn't entirely satisfies me....but makes sense and I decided that we
both have better things to do than argue over this...:-)

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