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Re: New dash in experimental showing up a widespread bashism in configure scripts

On Sat, Nov 08, 2014 at 11:57:58AM +0000, Jonathan de Boyne Pollard wrote:
> Gerrit Pape:
> >Hi, I'd very appreciate help on  tracking down the failures and do
> > the appropriate analysis, reportbug, patch drafting, and the like, as
> > my time for this is quite limited.
> I took a handful of packages as a sample, and the problem could be
> traced to the same bug, over and over, in almost all cases.  Here's
> the first error building fizmo_0.7.9-1 from your logs:
> ./configure: 2340: test: xyes: unexpected operator

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for looking into it.  Sven Joachim already pointed to the right
direction: I re-enabled LINENO support in this very upload, to check
whether things got better since #582952.  But this isn't the case.

Raphael Geissert found out that autoconf checks for LINENO support in
/bin/sh and forces the use of /bin/bash if LINENO support is absent.  If
it finds LINENO support it uses /bin/sh which then exposes all those


-2 in experimental disables LINENO support again.

Best Regards, Gerrit.

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