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Re: New dash in experimental showing up a widespread bashism in configure scripts

Gerrit Pape:
Hi, I'd very appreciate help on  tracking down the failures and do
> the appropriate analysis, reportbug, patch drafting, and the like, as
> my time for this is quite limited.

I took a handful of packages as a sample, and the problem could be traced to the same bug, over and over, in almost all cases. Here's the first error building fizmo_0.7.9-1 from your logs:

./configure: 2340: test: xyes: unexpected operator

This is a "test" command in the configure script that is using the Bashism "==" instead of the standard "=" for string comparison. You can see from the log that it occurs in several places in that script, including where it's looking for x/usr/include at one point. In several of the packages that I looked at, this was the root of the problem, and the later more obvious symptoms were simply the result of configure picking the wrong options because its test expressions were broken.

Some bloke named Lucas Nussbaum once noticed this:

* https://mail.gnome.org/archives/commits-list/2011-April/msg09472.html

But he wasn't the first by a long chalk:

* http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2009-September/204775.html

I suspect that the checkbashisms crew still have a lot of small configure.ac patches to send to people. (-:

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