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Re: RFC: DEP-14: Recommended layout for Git packaging repositories

On Wed, 12 Nov 2014, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Nov 2014, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> > In fact, I was quite non-amused by the initial versions of this idea, but
> > reading this latest version, I must say I *like* it.  Well done!  I am
> > especially happy about the way it respects the usual git usage conventions,
> > this will ease its adoption a lot.
> Thank you! I'm pleased to see that I managed to draft something reasonable.
> > It does fail to mention security, and stable-proposed branches.  We can just
> > leave those to maintainer's discretion, of course.
> I believe that those are not really needed in most cases. You rarely have
> conflicting updates for -security and -proposed-updates at the same time.
> But of course we can say something along this:
> --- a/web/deps/dep14.mdwn
> +++ b/web/deps/dep14.mdwn
> @@ -73,6 +73,14 @@ target distribution. In the case of Debian, that means for example
>  "suite" names because those tend to evolve over time ("stable" becomes
>  "oldstable" and so on).
> +Security updates and stable updates are expected to be handled on
> +the branch of the associated distribution. For example, in the case of
> +Debian, uploads to `wheezy-security` or `wheezy-proposed-updates`
> +are prepared on the `debian/wheezy` branch. Shall there be a need to
> +manage different versions of the packages in both repositories, then
> +the branches `debian/wheezy-security` and `debian/wheezy-updates`
> +can be used.
> +
>  The Git repository listed in debian/control's `Vcs-Git` field should
>  usually have its HEAD point to the branch corresponding to the
>  distribution where new upstream versions are usually sent. For Debian,
> How does that sound ?

Well, I use a stable-proposed branch because it might well happen that the
stable update is rejected.  As for -security updates, they can be superseded
by -stable updates.

So, it all depends on how well you are going to deal with the need to rebase
or revert.  I'd be very wary to push for a specific workflow that forces
anyone to rebase or revert, even if it is not something that will happen

So, I sugest we either leave this to maintainer's discretion, or go with the
use of separate <vendor>/<release>-* branches for s-p-u and security.

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