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Re: Let's abandon debian-devel.

On Monday, November 10, 2014 04:55:20 PM David L. Craig wrote:
> On 14Nov10:2154+0100, Gergely Nagy wrote:
> > You do realize topic lists are public too, right?
> Yes, but most Debian users don't even know about
> them nor do they need to since the traditional
> lists have been doing their jobs for quite a
> while.  If you shut them down, I expect most of
> the public will not find the topic lists.

Except, of course, for the ones reading d-devel now (which includes the 
claimed problematic group).  Ubuntu had to moderate posting rights on their 
main -devel list years ago and it improved the climate considerably.  Might be 
something to consider that's short of giving up.

Scott K

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